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Aidah is more than just a travel planner, she is a Travel enthusiast.  with a social science back ground.

She is an entrepreneur obsessed with creating experiences through travel.

She has quite a story to her enthusiasm and immese  love for travel


She speaks 5 indigenous languages and started travelling over seas in her teens, planning corporate travel  was one of her job responsibilities in her very early career years as an adminstrator  with various international Organisations.


Ugandan Born and raised but also lived in Europe.

Call her a global citizen! She is proud to call Olando , Florida USA home. 

Hi,  I'm Aidah. 
I curate experiences for a living. 
I am a travel professional by choice, I love my job and  am here to make your travel dreams come true.
What sets me apart as a travel experts is dedication, diligence and personalized  attention to detail.
When you contact our agency for a travel project, I take it as a personal responsibility and obligation to deliver.  I will  plan a trip and vacation of your dreams that aligns with your life style and is with in your budget . 
I am transparent and would see you trough every stage before, during and after your trip. When you are on the go you have exclusive support from me and my team. 
You can contact me with any travel related  needs and  any time of the day no matter what time zone you are in. 
Want drives my passion is my own experienceI  just wanna share the pleasures of travel. 
I was born and raised in Kampala the capital city of Uganda in East Africa. 
Like most young girls born  in the suburbs of this third word country at that time I had a share of  challenges, having lost my dad my dad by age 12.
I had so many questions with just a few answers . I have 
always been curious about everything. Socially I questioned inequality , i wondered why my mum worked so hard and we had so little!  Why my dad had passed, Why my tribe , religion, my purpose on earth  ...e.t.c . 
Uganda is so diverse, for a small landlocked country of about  241,038 sq km to have 50+ tribes and cultures! 
Because I was  born and raised in  kampala a metropolitan and capital  city  or Uganda , I had a great kick start in life when it comes to Diversity because its a melting pot of  all cultures. I learnt extra languages , embraced cultural difference and celebrate diversity.
From my early years  I loved to know about other countries , in my early elementary school,  social studies was my favorite  subject . I was always fascinated by geography of regions, history and community.  I still remember how fascinated i was to know of regions like Manhattan , Rotterdam , Argentina , and the Eskimo life, I was in primary 4!  Which is about 3rd Grade US. 


Fast forward,  I had a fine little girl life, and quite an education.
But one tragedy turned  my life upside down .
When I lost my mother I  was inconsolable . I had pain, an emotional void, which didn't help with  my curiosity. I wanted change! change in my community , change of my life , I just wanted a complete transformation and social change so that people wouldn't have to die so much and  so early in life like my mum and  Dad  did!
My life drew more to humanity and social development , I continued with college to pursue social work and social administration. I worked with international agencies that fostered social development . I was greatly enriched  with this kind of work because it enabled me to travel to some of the most remote places in the sub saharan Africa and work with some of the most marginalised people. Some had nothing  but life and they were not complaining!!!
That was so englighting, I understood that everyone gets unfortunate  sometimes, but a winning attitude is what makes a difference .  I  also mastered the fact that everyone has a responsibility to take care of them selves and nourish that that is so dear to them .
In the same profession, I worked with another category of people from the Donor side , these were expatriates , scientists and some times diplomats mainly from Europe or the USA, travelling for work, motivated by  passion , compassion and adventure. 
I was fascinated by their passion. Some sacrificed the comfort of their homeland and  travelled to very remote places to help  people in need and contribute to social change thorough research , education e.t.c. This manifested to me a whole other side to life that was enriching! 
I admired their commitment and work ethic, they had goals in life and were doing what it takes to meet them. I worked with volunteer groups and international peers that had thier own issues, like student loans back home, sick loved ones e.t.c. But still continued to serve thier purpose. 
I made so many friends from different  dimensions of life and also travelled to many foreign countries, I am glad to have lived both experiences . 
Having had  a chance to live in England , Norway , the Netherlands and  travelled to so many more exotic areas. I was entertained by different cultures, ( the way people  dress, eat, work) which greatly varies from country to country , that was a phenomenal experience. 


When I settled in the United states,  I lived in New York, NJ and Maryland were I Volunteered as an EMT  (emergency Medical Technician) among other things. On this job , I meet so many people in a 'non-happy-place' ... either "dying or just sick. 
This  made me reflect about life and fueled my passion for travel, in some incidences I felt like someone just needed  a nice getaway to refresh their soul, than being bound in a miserable, lonely state of living, waiting to pass on! may be they could get another feel to life just by getting away!
Travel has healing powers. Wellness travel in particular can help you disconnect from your current  stresses of life,  the adventure and extraordinary experiences especially in immersive travel is also  enlightening, it can change your entire perspective on the world without even trying or working hard at it. That for sure can add and extra value to your life.
I appreciate the beauty of travel We all are  all so different  people with our unique pasts, pains , passions, experiences  and so on,  but travel is one thing that brings us together.
Now that am old enough to know,  the rest of my life is going to be the best of my life.
I just want to give it all the nourishment it needs, both physical and emotional. (mind , body and soul)  Travel takes a little load of a portion and I will give in.
Join me on my next adventure. #toursbyprecious



Master Travel Specialist 


We focus on your Travel so you can focus on your Business. 

When we handel your travel we  persevere to exceed your expectations, we help you plan, budget and cater for every detail of your travel. We customise your trip or group adventure to best fit your lifestyle. If neccessary we negotiate rates with suppliers, add extra amenities.

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ED (Edward )

Partner /  Water Escape Specialist  

Born and raised in New England, Ed has explored the USA and its neighboring  countries.

He is an explorer and adventurer, he comes to us with an IT back ground but also a great deal of experience as; 

- a US military Veteran 

- a former Master Charter Boat Captain 

- a  former EVOC Ambulance driver, commercial Driver and is a Current vessel examiner with the US Coast Guard (Aux)

Ed 'solo-handedly' Cruised the eastern sea board via the ICW on a 40ft Vessel! He loves water excursions and exploring by water. 

 PS. He is a baby Boomer.


SPECIALITIES;  River Cruisies, Unique Sailing adventure , Yacht and  Charter boating , Group Adventures, Wildlife Adventures

DESTINATIONS Specialist;  USA , Carribean 

I have got several awards in my life but this was different, I like  to show it off , mainly because it came from the President of the USA . Which country I love and and is home by choice. Its feels good to give something back. And even better when you get appreciated for your contribution. God Bless the USA 

A  Day in office 

My Story 

Obsessed with creating awesome experiences through travel. 

What I love most about my job is the effect it creates in peoples lives, because we take care of all the little details we help busy proffessionals escape their routine to creating memorable  experiences with thier loved ones.

Doing what I love and passionate about everyday  is very filling.

Self discipline comes naturally.  I spend time in the office mainly for adminstrative duties.  My friends say am always working  even in the comfort of my home or onthe other side of the ocean,  it doesnt matter, I mastered my job.  My clients can reach me any time I am always equipped to deliver.

SPECIALITIES; Family Vacations, Exotic Destinations / Customized  international itineraries, Group Travel, Luxury Travel , Romance / Honeymoon, Immersive (culture) Travel, Wildlife Adventures, Spa and wellness 

DESTINATIONS Specialist; Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, seychelles)

Europe (France, Monaco, Italy ,Uk Ireland, Netherlands)          

Scandinavia; (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)

 The South Pacific; (Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fuji)  

Caribbean; (Antigua, Jamaica, Mexico)

Awards and Recorgnitions 

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"Herors take journeys to confront dragons and discover the treasures of their true selves"

From the day I verified that I am an adventurer,  I have never looked back! 

Here, some of my travel adventures, from the equator to the north pole and still  going......